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Sliding Doors

The elegant and modern sliding door system meets the highest standards providing light and aesthetically pleasing creations. It is the ideal element for modern interior design since it is attractive and practical. The door can be hand crafted from a range of Mykon glass and polycarbonate panels to suit every designer's needs, with a clear or aluminium edge to the door its beauty is distinguished. Each door comes with a heavy duty satin finished stainless steel "guardsman" style handle and a matching satin finish stainless steel rail.

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Internal Hinged Doors

A Mykon hinged door used in your office or home adds a certain sophistication that complements any surroundings. Whilst being the simplest and most traditional door design, the hinged door is versatile and durable but still provides elegance to your home or office. Like the sliding door, the hinged door can be hand crafted from a range of Mykon glass or polycarbonate panels, and its clear or aluminium edge and stainless steel lock casing make this Mykon product an extremely attractive alternative to conventional hinged doors. Each door is supplied with a stainless steel lever handle and stainless steel butt hinges.

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